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SuperVet is the most affordable premium range of dogfood available at veterinary practices and vet shops (where it is sold exclusively), and will soon be available throughout the country.

For the veterinarian to be the marketer, SuperVet must be able to deliver a premium product that compares favourably with the other dogfood in the veterinarian practices and complies with the needs of the end user, the dog. SuperVet is able to guarantee this due to the recipes it uses, the manufacturing practices, superior raw materials used and controls and tests used to maintain high quality.

The recipes were scientifically formulated by the foremost local nutritionist, Riana Durham and Dr Hendrik Meyer, a veterinary surgeon and a director of SuperVet. The product is manufactured by JCW Petfoods, a company with 14 years experience in dogfood manufacturing. In this period it has manufactured dogfood on contract for many of the best local brands.

Please browse our website to see what we have to offer.
SuperVet only supply to Distributors and selected Veterinarians and Vet Shops.
Members of the public can buy directly from our stockists. A list of stockists appear in the left sidebox under "More Information".